John complained of a constant tension in his chest, overwhelming anxiety, palpitations, and frequent panic attacks. Muscle testing revealed his Target List:

  1. Conception to birth. Mom and Dad fought constantly. John thought it was his fault.
  2. Birth. John was a difficult breech birth. The decision he made was: “I’m not O.K. I caused my Mom pain.”
  3. Age three. John felt left out when his baby sister was born, and she got more attention. The decision he made was: “I don’t matter.”
  4. Age nine. He and a friend engaged in mutual masturbation and oral sex. He felt ashamed and dirty as a result.
  5. Age seventeen. He had sex with (raped) an underage retarded girl and was arrested for it. He felt guilty and humiliated.
  6. Age nineteen. His father died. They were very close. John suppressed his grief.

We cleared all of these over several sessions. Support activity included letter writing and group sharing. Summarizing our work together, John said:

I don’t have the anxiety now, and the pressure around my heart is gone. I feel much better and I’m more at ease with myself. My emotions were all messed up, and I held them inside for so long. Working with you, there was no b.s. I couldn’t lie. Now I feel like something came off my back.

For about two years, John called me on a regular basis. He reported no recurrence of his previous problems.