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First Testimonial

Working with you has been life altering and enhancing. I have always been impressed by you as a therapist, an instructor and a gentle human. Having studied Emotional Complex Clearing some 20 years ago and used it in my own life as a client and as a therapist, I have nothing but positive experiences – some quite profound. This experience with you personally, however, has been the most amazing of all. ECC is great, but ECC with Brad May is superlative!

Sometime before contacting you, I had been having frightening episodes of panic, burning skin, heart palpitations, dizziness, hot flushes and chills, an internal shakiness and sometimes convulsions. Nothing was wrong with me medically. The etiology was a complete mystery. You came to my mind when thinking about where I might turn for help. I began my short but divinely inspired journey with you. Your intuitive work encouraged me to open to deeply buried events and their accompanying emotions and life decisions. You brought me gently into the memories, slowly through their details, and skillfully back to current time complete with integration and relief. Now a few months after our online work, I have shadows of the former panic episodes, like a hiccup of memory of them, but nothing builds, and I am left in wonder again and again at what a gift I have received.


Second Testimonial

Deciding to invest in online ECC therapy with Brad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had been struggling my entire life with anxiety, depression, codependence, extreme sensitivity, intergenerational trauma, anxious attachment patterns, and more recently PTSD that emerged from chronic childhood trauma. I had been in and out of therapy since I was eight years old, and while it helped me understand my issues, that awareness was not enough to heal them on a deep level; even though my mind knew why, my unconscious mind was still weighed down by old beliefs, patterns and strong emotions that kept me stuck. After trying every healing modality in the book, including talk therapy, medication, EMDR, mindfulness, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, journaling, etc., I still felt like I was constantly treading water. Fear, pain, and shame were trapped in my body, and no matter what kind of healing work I did, I couldn’t escape them.

Then, in just a handful of online sessions, ECC changed my life. It healed the trauma from my past so that I could live more freely. It cleared the pain that was weighing on me by pulling it out at the root. My weekly panic attacks are now gone. I feel so much lighter, happier, and able to ride the waves of life as they come. I am extremely grateful to Brad and ECC for clearing the way for a new, beautiful life ahead.